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Full Version: Invalid Item
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i install my plaza in my forum but i got this problem when buying item (sample sword) it says invalid item. how to resolve this?
Which version or MyRPG do you have?
MyRPG 1.0.0 ver.
upgrade to 1.1.0
i already tried to upgrad, but i got some error in admin panel, i already tried some intructions related to this problem in other posts, but still i got admin problem
what errr and how did you upgrade?
i attached here the SS of admin panel error.
You didn't upload the new files
i upload the new files bro, fix_myrpg110_first.php & fix_myrpg110_second.php, but still didnot fix the error, and also i try reinstalling the upgrading again, but still i got some admin panel error. oh BTW i already solve the invalid item. the one i didnot solve is the admin panel error.
No you didn't upload the files inside the folder Upload (the ones which come with 1.1.0)
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