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Full Version: [REQ] Redemption Codes?
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Could there be a system where an admin gives you a code and you have to redeem it until so and so date?
I don't think so
It would be very helpfull . Especialy for me Smile
Please Pirata Big Grin Could you make one ?Big Grin
For a coder like u it wouldn`t take very much Tongue
So what exactly should it do?
A page where users would need to enter a code ( codes can be added from ACP ) and they get a specified ammount of Money for it . Codes could be used only once. Smile
I think it would be easy for you. Smile
Oh so this is it? Ok that's pretty easy to do. Just give me around 2 weeks to get things set up properly in my life. I will make this one for sure
Thanks Pirata Big Grin
You are very cool Big Grin
thanks Pirata, i'll for this
thanks Pirata, i also want this.
add me to the list of people who want this Wink
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