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Full Version: during plaza turbo installation
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i reading some guide installation about this but i coudn't find..
anyone can tell me where to upload exactly.

the Documentation Folder

and for Upload folder it should be into the directory but i really dont know for the others..

any body help?
The installation guide is called 'install.html' and is inside the folder "Documentation"
ive seen some of the files there sir i dont know where i can upload to my forum directory exactly?

could u help me? and some of plaza modules ddnt work..

like my user name font style change color.. and etc. Sad
To get username style and post style working you must do some code edits.

uhh if you're saying that some modules don't work, that means you have MyPlaza Turbo installed, why are you trying to install again?
where i could edit the codes?
can u give me some guide?
What the hell are you talking about now?
You started by asking help about MyPlaza Turbo installation.
Then you asked for MyRPG support.
Now about another module but you never answer my questions.
How can I answer yours if I don't even know what's your problem?
sorry for being a noob sir.. thanks for concenrn.. i will try to look and search for this problem.. sorry for inconvenience,
No that's not the problem, you must explain what's wrong so I can help you lol