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Full Version: [Release] Birthday Gift 1.0.0
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Sends X points (and a private message) to the birthday person. (this is done automatically).

Upload the contents of Upload to your forums's root.
Go to your Admin CP, go to MyPlaza Turbo page and choose the Modules tab. Activate Birthday Gift.
To change the amount of money and the uid of the sender of the private message go to the options of this module and change the settings.

Is attached to this post.
Is this on ConsoleWorld Forums too? Is it activated over here?

BTW, Ty for the plugin.
No it's not activated here
whew, my birthday just past.
wow a new one releasingBig Grin..

u are great boss Big Grin
(05-04-2009, 08:15 AM)cobarde Wrote: [ -> ]u are great boss Big Grin

when did Nervo become our boss?
@ jo3 happy birthday Big Grin
Nice, thank you!
did you make this so everyone will send you a b-day card tomarrow?
cool module, thanks for this Smile
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