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Full Version: [Release] Birthday Gift 1.0.0
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thank you very much
it must be useful to my forum Tongue
@flyboy no Tongue
Thanks guys
Sounds awesome, thanks.
My birthday: 17 May, don't forget it! Tongue
I won't Tongue
17. May is norways national day! Tongue
one of my users had her birthday this week. she got over 2000 pms each with 1000 bucks birthday gift. im happy she didnt enabled email notification on new pm
Hmmm I've just tested it and it worked like a charm. Please re-download and upload
I just noticed I forgot to remove "- Gold" from the module name, too much copy paste Tongue
done,...waiting for the next b-day now Tongue
OK, I hope everything goes well
It's my friends birthday today, need to activate it fast Wink Thanks Smile
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