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Full Version: uploading module file?
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where i can upload my module file?

out of topic.

is this an error?

[Image: error.png]
Hmm that's only if you want to upload a module (a single file only, modules which more than one file won't work as those modules have files in different directories). I suggest you to upload by using an FTP application.

And no that's not an error, that's why it says "Warning", because it's a Warning
so all modoule file i will upload on my htdocs/admin/module?

@out topic. i encounter error on my attack

the image shown an a error
What do you want to upload?

Have you used MyRPG 1.0.0 before? You should be using 1.1.0 now. If yes, go to Admin CP -> MyPlaza Turbo -> Maintenance -> MyRPG -> fix everyone's stats
im using 0.2.5 boss>? how do i fix it?
Huh? I'm talking about MyRPG's version
yes boss i encounter that also.. how i fixed it?
Which version of MyRPG do you have? I already asked this and I've provided a solution