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Full Version: Extra thread fields 1.1
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Go to admin permissions and make sure you're allowed to use that part of the panel Smile
Done, thank you.
You're welcome. Post back if you need something else Smile
Okay well I think I need some help...

As I said on MyBBoard I want it to have a 'layout' recipe like, but I'm getting UBER confused.

>< It keep telling me "Please correct the following errors before continuing:
Recipie Name field is missing."
Hmm, I think you didn't understand the purpose of this plugin then.
What this does is add "Extra Thread Fields" so people can enter extra information to the thread.
What do you mean by "layout of a recipe"? Can you make an image or something?
Sorry for the 'poor' quality of my mock-up. I did it pretty fast.
That can't be done that way.
Anyway, is what you want something like, a setting where you enter a default layout for a recipe (just like if you were writing a new reply, you can't align things that way) and whenever you create a new thread in a certain forum, the text area already has the default recipe layout you entered in the settings.
Is that it?
Yep! >< I know it can't be done that way, something similar would be nice.
I will make it then, I will contact you soon via PM asking you to test it, okay?
Thank you very much!!! ^___^ Okay!!
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