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Full Version: Extra thread fields 1.1
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(06-25-2009, 01:22 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]It allows you to create new required/not required fields for new threads

this "extra fileds" viewable only for admin? or member/moderator also? Smile
I can't remember the settings, exactly but I think it's for everyone. However, you can assign a field to a single forum and another field to another. Forums affected are set in settings, this means that all fields will be available in those forums. This is a limitation that I've wanted to fix but haven't found time Tongue
Well, we don't know till installing and try Smile
I hope this extra-field has change permission ability.
For a moment, I'll use this for "link source" extra-field for every topics. Or track back link Smile
nice mods indeed
I got the plugin installed, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to apply it to one particular forum. I looked under Forums & Posts, Forum Management, options for Nutella Recipes, but didn't see anything about the extra fields. Where do I set it?
Tools & Maintenance Smile
Anyway, don't forget to set the forums that are affected by the plugin, in the settings
I think that selecting a field to which the forum would have fit better, and not as it is now that ALL fields are in some forums.

Sorry for English, but i use
Yes I know what you mean but at the moment I dont have time to update this plugin, sorry
ok doesn't have to be done now, but if you think the future of this solution.
Yes, I want to add this soon, I need it as well Tongue
Well, I try to access it and I get:

Access Denied
You do not have permission to access this part of the administration control panel.

Every single time.
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