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Full Version: Plaza Turbo heb?
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I didn't find Plaza Turbo at hebrew...
Where can I find that?
Or at least, how do I change it to utf-8 ?
Because when I wrote in Hebrew, it shows me: "????????"
instead of my language...

I hope that you will help me,
it is really important to me.
Where did you write that?
What do you mean ?
You said "because when I wrote in hebrew". Where did you write?
When I make a new category or change the names of the modules .
* Sorry about my English *
Go to Tools & Maintenance and then go to System Health
Click the UTF-8 Conversion tab and convert the plaza tables
Thanks ! I didn't know that !!!
It's working !!
By the way, Plaza turbo is the best plugin, really =D
Thank you Smile
No problem =]
Ohh yeah.. I know that this is not belongs to here but do you
know what happened to the site of the game section ? [The site of the plugin].
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