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Full Version: [Announcement] MyPlaza Turbo 0.3.0
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Ok so I'm going to release MyPlaza Turbo 0.3.0 next month.

  • Fixed a small issue in passive hooks (just to make it easier for me to make upgrade files for modules)
  • Added a new column in plaza_cat which name is 'hidden', if a category has this field set to 1 and HIDE_DELETED_CATEGORIES (at the the top of admin/myplaza.php code) is defined as 1, the category will not show up in Admin CP categories list. This is useful if have the inventory/mycompany module installed and you have plenty of items and categories already filling up the categories & items list. Just edit the category and set the hidden setting to yes. There's also a new filter which you can use to view the hidden categories only. You can unhide a category by editing it and setting the hidden setting to no.
  • Fixed a few "typo's"
  • Improved function myplaza_send_pm() to allow a custom from uid
  • Fixed a bug that when deleting a log entry, a success message would not show up. This was due to the fact that $lang->log_entry_deleted did not exist
  • Now if a user has additional groups, the plaza uses the group with the lowest plaza rate.
  • The description of a category was not shown in the plaza, this bug has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug in the Log that when using the filter "show", the filter would not be used in the pagination.
  • Removed Update Manager to get rid of questions like "I get ERROR WHEN In Update manaAGer !! !!??"
  • Removed Attachment fees to get rid of questions like "I get ERROR WHEN activating AttachMENT FEES MOduLE !!??"
  • Modules system has been improved
  • All modules have been updated to be compatible with the new Admin Page for modules, feature (so their version increased by 1).
  • MyCompany (2.1.0): Added an admin page which allows admins to manage companies. (delete companies, fire employees)

Here's what's done for now, I don't know if I will add anymore things.
It will take time to be released because I must update all modules (which use Maintenance hooking like MyDownloads, MyRPG, MyCompany (the new version), Pay to Subscribe, MyPlaza Turbo CP, etc.

MyRPG (1.1.0 Free which is 1.2.0 now), MyDownloads and MyCompany have been updated already.

No upgrade files are required (for modules). There's only an upgrade file for MyRPG (for those who are still at 1.0.0). Other than that, I will just need to create an upgrade script for MyPlaza Turbo.
(as no upgrade files are required, users will need to follow a few other steps as they will need to use my Passive Hooks module)

One month is enough I guess
Thanks for the info, great job! Smile
Am I going to test the beta again?
I don't know yet, it probably doesn't need beta testing Tongue
amazing news Big Grin

Quote:Now if a user has additional groups, the plaza uses the group with the lowest plaza rate

I have interest to keep the exactly oposite to that Tongue
but I assume it´ll be easy to change it anyway
Nice. Can't wait to test it.
Excellent job!
@AglioEoliO, in the code bit that I have changed, I left a comment which tells how to do the opposite Smile
great news, thanks Pirata Smile
we cant w8 for this realeasing boss Smile
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