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Full Version: MyPlaza Turbo plugin for Game Section 1.0
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Version: 1.0.0

This is a plugin which integrates MyPlaza Turbo with the Game Section by Paretje.

  • Users earn or lose money by playing a game.
  • Users earn or lose money for each new score.
  • Users earn or lose money for being champion.
  • There is minimum amount of money users need, to play a game.
  • Displays the payoffs in a table in the games section page (on the bottom of the page). This doesn't require template edits.



For further information (installation instructions and license), read the readme.txt file.
Can you make a Gold Edition for this plugin?
with new features? what kind of featureS?
(04-27-2009, 07:11 AM)DevilKid Wrote: [ -> ]Can you make a Gold Edition for this plugin?
Can't think of any new features. Hmm...I will think of something.
nice plug-in Big Grin

i have an idea for a gold plugin feature:

- In Categories settings of game section you can set "championship win multiplier" (example: x2 or x4)
- Everytime that an user becomes the champion of a game he will receive his "money on hands" multiplied for "championship win multiplier"
- Example: the current champion did 4000pts in a game of Ability category, i do 4100pts and i become the new champion, i have 700(.)(.) on hands, "championship win multiplier" for Ability category is set to x4, so i will receive 2.800(.)(.)

what do you think about this feature pirata?
Hmm that doesn't make any sense. If you have 500 000 in hand and the "multiplier" is set to 4x then you will get a lot of money. I think the way it is at the moment is much better. I might add a feature to disallow the features for custom usergroups
Wow now i can use the gamesection!
I must install also the game section?
This is a plugin which integrates the Game Section so, yes lmao
Done. It works!
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