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Full Version: MyPlaza Turbo plugin for Game Section 1.0
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I'm using this for my website and I can't find out here it is I'm using the latest version: 1.2 I don't think it's rc3 but would it still work?
It should if the author hasn't changed the hooks. Try it
I found an odd bug, not too serious, please fix someday:
Actual Newpoints = My$2,000,000.00 (for example), w/ nice number formatting almost like real money. Smile
goto games.php
If (Number of points users earn or lose by playing a game = 0 )
Newpoints displayed = My$2,000,000.00 = No problem

If (Number of points users earn or lose by playing a game = 100 )
Newpoints displayed = My$2,000,100.00 = Oops, the display number is adjusted by the amount +/- for one game / The actual total has not changed in the database.

Now change setting to -50
If (Number of points users earn or lose by playing a game = -50 )
Newpoints displayed = You have My$1,999,950.00 = Oops... Same as above, no change in the database, but the display number is wrong.

goto newpoints.php?action=bank
Correct balance = My$2,000,000.00
FYI: You already know the Bank withdrawal fee is fixed, thank you.

Can someone (anyone) please verify this so I know if my files are messed up, or if it is a real bug?

It's real enough...
Here is a temporary fix:
* Temp Fix does work
* Temp Fix !!! requires php in templates plugin & your desire to waste a bit of time!

PHP Code:
Line 25 remove 
' {1}.', & leave the rest of line 25   // No extra space needed inside the " "'s

games_newpoints template

replace with
{$lang->games_newpoints_money} <?php echo $mybb->settings['newpoints_main_curprefix'] . number_format($mybb->user['newpoints'], 2'.'','?>

FYI: The template system will sometimes mess with your php:
<?php echo number_format($mybb->user['newpoints'],&nbsp;2,&nbsp;'.',&nbsp;',') ?>
by adding these nbsp;
It usually works on a second try. Tongue

I dont downloads this plugin.

I dont have permission?
You must be a paid subscriber as explained in the first post
thx werus
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