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Full Version: Postbit Images.
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Is there any way I can opt to NOT have inventory items in the postbits?
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I would also like to keep the 'inventory' link, if possible....
You can disable it through the settings.

ACP > MyPlaza Turbo > Modules > Inventory > Options
Ah, hey DK... Wink

How can I keep the INVENTORY button?
Set the number of items to display to 0, that way it should still display the inventory link. I don't remember the code now but I guess it will work
It's not working.

The images show up as dead,a nd I'm too lazy to fix, so I just want the link...
What images? The inventory items images?
Yes....they do not work as I don't have access to my board's server...I'm using a host.

I just want to keep the Inventory link.
What do you mean by "I am using a host" ? Everybody uses a host to host their forum or do you mean a free one? even with a free one, you should have an FTP account.
The only way to not show any items is to manually edit ALL inventory items and change the setting 'show on postbit' to no
Yes, that's what I've been doing, but the inventory link in the postbit doesn't show up.
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