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Full Version: [Release] MyDownloads 1.2.1 - Gold
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Can you make it seperated? I give you 30 € Smile
If you give me 30€ I will make it for sure Tongue
Then write me please a PN with you ICQ Number, there we talk about it Smile
This looks great something that I would like on my site, however, as I am a dj and create custom mixtapes for people I would like to have an interface to sell them on, also how would my members pay? I would like Paypal? Is this possible?
MyDownloads has a downloads page. (users get downloads from there)

The money is virtual - this is a MyPlaza Turbo module.

Anyway, MyDownloads (plugin edition) is being tested by my beta testers at the moment and it is much secure, faster, better coded and has compatibility with MyPlaza Turbo too. (and has more features like sub categories, downloads license, download version, and a few more things).

I might add PayPal support in 1.1.0

MyDownloads (MODULE) development has ended. I will keep updating the plugin edition though
If paypal is added then I would love to download and subscribe.
Is this the version where users can add their downloads?
- Shadows.
The one in this thread? No, this is the module release thread
Ok Smile.
The one where users can add dls is released somewhere already or not?
Thanks Smile.
- Shadows.
No, it's still in beta Tongue
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