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Full Version: [Release] MyDownloads 1.2.1 - Gold
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Updated to 1.2.0, check the first post to know what changed. I also fixed something I forgot (Not important).
Updated to 1.2.1
Fixed a security issue (the same one that MyBB has fixed in 1.4.6 in attachment.php)

Thanks for this Plugin!

Would you add a function, where can specify Users/Groups create Downloads on the Site?

One sub-sub-category feature would be greate!

Thank you very much!!

Hmm I don't know :/ for now only admins can create downloads (from admin cp).
Yeah a sub category feature might be cool
Or a Download-add-Future in the modCP?! Wink
Hmm probably Tongue
This would be very great!
When can you make it?
I don't know, I am busy
A separated plugin from MyPlaza would be very sucessfull as well.
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