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Full Version: [Release] MyDownloads 1.2.1 - Gold
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Updated first post with a new .rar, fixes a bug that when moving files between categories, the number of downloads in the new and in the old category wouldn't be updated and fixed a typo. (just replace with the new files to upgrade)

Re-wrote the upgrade part in the readme and included new upgrade files for those who whish to upgrade from MyDownloads 1.0.0 Premium and from MyDownloads 1.1.0 Premium aswell as from MyDownloads 1.0.0
I will download the upgrade now! Smile
hmm sorry for the dumb question but... how do I add downloads? coulnd't find that on the readme nor the first post...
Go to Admin CP -> MyPlaza Turbo -> Maintenance -> MyDownloads -> browse a category -> click add download
updated rar with a fix in the premium 1.1.0 upgrade script. Re-download if you had problems after the upgrade. for those who have run the upgrade script(upgrade_premium110.php) already, just comment (add // at the beginning of the line) this line after downloading the new rar:
PHP Code:
$db->write_query("ALTER TABLE `".TABLE_PREFIX."plaza_mydownloads_log` ADD `rating` smallint(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;"); 
hey Pirata, I've tried to upload many times something but it just doesn't work. It keeps saying that "The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.". However, the max_filesize is set to 10mb and the file I'm trying to upload is 160kb but can't make it smaller (I can't either modify the php.ini). So is there a way to set the Downloads module to add downloads based on a url on the server instead of an upload form?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: hmm I think the upload thing is not working, it won't let me upload a thing.
chmod your downloads folder to 777
I did from the begining, but didn't work. It's still saying php.ini is causing the problem... but that's not possible o.O (It's limit is 10mb and I've tried with 10kb file without success)
Shadows had that problem and he chmod'd his downloads folder (by default is mydownloads/downloads) and his preview folder (by default mydownloads/previews)
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