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Full Version: [Release] MyDownloads 1.0.1 - Free
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wow great! Thanks for this Wink

Great Work, Keep it Up! Big Grin
Updated to 1.0.1
Fixed a security issue (the same one that MyBB has fixed in 1.4.6)
How can I add a category?
Click Add Category
since the development of the module version has been abandoned,...will this version work with MyPlaza 0.3.0 ?
It will work but you will need to edit the header manually to show the link to MyDownloads. other than that, everything should work properly.
nice pirata, awesome realease..thx you=]
I am using v1.0 and my members feel happy with it.
I will update later after my post reach condition to download.

thnx very much and sorry for my English :happy:
Great work, thank you!
limited size file? how to change???
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