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Full Version: Installation problems
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I follwed the installation guidelines that came with the download. But I am still having problems. It said "Upload all the files supplied in the Upload folder to the root of your MyBB installation directory."

Some of the files couldn't upload like

and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I uploaded the upload folder to my root MyBB and still nothing. I hope I elaborated on the problem. I'm not new to mod installation because I was successful installing all my others but this MyPlaza won't work.
i don't upload the entire myplaza folder right? and when I do upload it do i put it in inc/plugins or where do i put it. because its not reading in my root
Upload the contents of the "Upload" folder. Don't worry about the ~ files, you can delete them
ok i did that I uploaded it to the forum root or MyBB root i think thats it. still can't see the plugin. (why is the plugin so hard?)
the plugin is not hard, you just need to upload the CONTENTS of the Upload folder to your MyBB root. If your forum is located under the folder forums, upload the CONTENTS of the folder Upload to that folder.
Then go to Plugins and activate
is there a way to pay for assisstance somehow or something. because i am going to go crazy
pm me the details of an admin account plus ftp account
ok i sent you the information i hope you get it to work
Sorry I just got home. I'm gonna fix your problem now
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