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Full Version: Giving Money
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Hi, is there some way i can give a user money through the admin CP without doing anything else.

Like say they won a contest, for $100, i could just go into the ACP and give it to them from there.

Or would i have to create another account and set a high income for it and then have that account give the money?

Just edit the user via admin cp and change the user's money
Thank you, Pirata, your method is the easiest.
My Module adds an item for admins to get as much money as they want and they ( admins ) then can donate the money they got from it Smile.
kind of simple too but i have this in my
- Admin Donate:
A module that an admin will have access to its item that is just like the donate module actually but only admins can use and it will not remove any money from their ( admins ) balance Smile.
I planned that some time ago, but always forgot to code it haha Smile.

- Shadows.