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Full Version: Turn off Private
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Hello, Hello Pirata Nervo,

i want to use your SB but i NEED to deactivate all private talk wich can not seen by the s-mods!
would you please tell me how to eliminate this nice but not really secure fnction, please?!

another problem is the type/font size!
Of course private shouts cannot be seen by anyone, it's PRIVATE. Just like private messages.
It's called privacy.

To change the font just edit the template 'mysb_shoutbox' and change the font size from 2 to what you want
But what if a user starts flaming another one on the shoutbox privately... how con somebody prove that existed? (I wouldn't really mind xD)
Allowing someone to view private messages / shouts / private content goes against the laws of some countries as far as I know, IF the user is not informed about it.
You can always check the database.
Take a screenshot. :/

The Killer

do you have screen shot for that
Bye bye