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Full Version: [Release] User Appearance 0.3
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THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES SEVERAL CODE EDITS (take a look at the end of the post for more information)
I followed ZiNgA BuRgA's advice on how to make it with less code edits but actually it didn't work. All usernames would be replaced with a custom style and some of the them wouldn't. (If you typed your name in a post or somewhere else that username would also be "styled" so I gave up and came back to the code edits. It's the right way to do it although it's a pain in the ***)

This plugin allows every user to have a custom post color and font, as well as username color, font and style (bold, italic, underlined, blink or none).



  • Re-coded the way formatting is done.
  • It's much faster and much secure.
  • Created a plugin file which does the database changes for you.
  • Link in user cp has an image made by me now, the other one was a MyBB image (the edit signature one)

For those who are using User Appearance 0.2, you will need to grab a fresh usercp.php, xmlhttp.php and functions.php from

These are the files that suffered a lot of changes.

If you are doing a new installation, follow the instructions file.
Anything you need you should ask at my site.

You just do the code edits you want, you won't get any warnings like before. If you don't want to do any code edits and you're using MyShoutbox, you can upload the modified file to your plugins folder and the styling will work on the shoutbox. But will only work on the shoutbox if you don't do any code edits of course.

Turst me, I tried various ways of getting it to work without so much editing but none of the actually worked perfectly. Don't blame me please Undecided

Thanks. Download is attached to this post.
Thanks Pirata.
nice work. Big Grin

but I'm not a huge fan of editing the forum's code, as I have no idea what I'm doing, lol. Tongue
Going to install it I guess.
Wasn't sure about installing this but I guess it'd be cool to let users choose their username color & all Smile.
But yeah the groups colors aren't to be used then..
- Shadows.

Instructions page:
it's upload the image to imageS/usercp
don't forget the "S" Smile .
check code edits for inc/functions_post.php again you put

PHP Code:
//I can not find this in functions_post.php
$post['username_formatted'] = format_name($post['username'], $post['usergroup'], $post['displaygroup']);
//i can not find this in usercp.php
$profile_link build_profile_link(format_name($user['username'], $user['usergroup'], $user['displaygroup']), $user['uid']); 

It works EXCEPT in posts lol..

Ow I think I messed up =|.
On line 1536 there's a header(); and it says cannot send header again.. hmm ? :/
if logged out you get a LOT of error msgs Sad.
that happens if you have used notepad or something like that to do the code edits or you have a blank line somewhere at the bottom or at the beginning of the code.

I searched for the lines you couldn't find and I found both.
okay i did it with notepad as i wasn't on my PC i had usen filezilla's edit function lol.
I'll do it again =(.
- Shadows.
lol ok
Some info you may include
I did the edits in 13 minutes, so I guess most people will do in 20 mins if they aren't well-known to PHP.
The amount of files to edits is 18 files to edit.

- Shadows.

++ I'm getting an error while being sure it's right.
Fatal error: Call to a member function read() on a non-object in /home/Shadows/domains/ on line 2184
- Shadows.
Whats the line 2184?
It worked very well for me and CO_ol
Seems $cache is not a global. It's not a problem with my code as my code doesn't change anything beside the formatting part, and doesn't change the rest.
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