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Full Version: [Release] User Appearance 0.3
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(03-31-2010, 01:52 AM)1o2yellow1o2 Wrote: [ -> ]i done everything properly i read it all lol, ive tried it 10times now Tongue on diff forums and diff servers all the same thing happens Tongue

Not sure then. I don't care anyway since I am no longer developing MP
Thanks, nice !
cool !
man this things a pain in the a$$ to do i messed up and gave up hell id pay someone who got it to work on there forums to do it for me lmao
So I'm getting an error here. I know this isn't really being worked on but any help I can get is appreciated...

I got it all installed, checked everything 2-3 times. I can input hex and preview the changes, but I'm can't apply them. I get a page saying...

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function strcat() in /www/ on line 1043"

Any ideas?
Are you trying this on MyBB 1.6?
(11-10-2010, 03:50 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Are you trying this on MyBB 1.6?

Sorry, should have made that known.

I'm using 1.4, I have other plugins that I'm using that 1.6 didn't like... and after a big ol' error with some files on 1.6 (most likely my fault but still), I figured I'd use 1.4 for a while.
Did you do the code edits as mentioned in the readme and in code edits.txt file?
I'm pretty sure I did. I checked over everything a couple times.

I can go over it once more, I just kinda hoped there was something on record as to why its doing that. lol
Well, if you did, then you should have put the strcat function there since it's one of the edits you have to do.
if you've done it, then you shouldn't get that error
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