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Full Version: [Release] User Appearance 0.3
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What happens when you go to Users & Usergroups
Blank page as well.
You didn't edit things correctly I guess
works like a charme for me, quick and easy. the only thing what takes my time, was to find all the plugins are using formating and edit them. but i made it Big Grin
thank you for this pirata Smile
Thanks for the heads up Smile
Interesting feature, but I guess that I know to little about forums for installing it yet. I will first try out some of the simple mods to install for understanding what I must do on a installation. :p
where i could find the usercp.php any body want me to know?
bumps2x Big Grin 2x
Thank you Pirata this is a great feature for a shoutbox. I will try it out now.
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