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Full Version: [Release] User Appearance 0.3
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Just don't upload admin/modules/users/users.php. You'll need to edit the 1.4.6 one
Are all the files included in the package to be uploaded to the root directory?
edit: nevermind, my ZIP thingy wasn't separating files into folders.
But note that it doesn't contain all files, only the ones changed in 1.4.5
Hey Pirata, what about 1.4.6? It is out, I need files for that Smile
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This isn't working. When I click it I get redirected to a blank page.
I did all templates and code edits. What else do I need?
What isn't working? And when you click what?
When I click the Change Appearance link it redirects me to a blank page.
And I now realised that I can't acess the User & Groups module in the ACP.
1st - It redirects you to the blank page because you didn't read the instructions.html file.
2nd - What happens?
Yes I did.
What happens? erm.. nothing. Only a blank page lol.
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