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Full Version: [Release] User Appearance 0.3
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I don't think so, then posts might get too hard to read
alignment and decoration only? without size *_*
I don't think so Tongue although it could be done easily
Alignment would be sweet... Smile
Might be something to add in the future, I will add settings to the plugin which may allow admins to disable some of the features on the forum
i already installed this plug in on my mybb forum..

i just wonder..

why ? i ddnt see the appearance in my ucer cp?
You didn't edit the templates
(04-19-2009, 10:18 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]For those who have upgraded to MyBB 1.4.5:
You needed to upload the changed files so you lost the code edits. Here's a pack with the files (the pack just contains the changed files in 1.4.5) with the code edits done by me. Note that some files that required code edits haven't changed in 1.4.5, so I haven't included them in the pack.

Can't you make something like this but for 1.4.6? I'm so tired of editing files. And finding them is the worst part.
Besides that, I have my board closed for v2 of my forums, and this is custing me valuable time.
Only 2 files changed in 1.4.6
So I can use the anterior package, right?
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