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Full Version: [Release] MyLife 1.10!
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Very god post
This is AWSOME!, Thanks man this is perfect for my forum!
website is 404
anyway to get it?
can this be use on 0.30.0? Smile
MyLife 1.00 is not compatible with MyPlaza 0.3.0. -- Download removed -- became
MyLife 2.00 is compatible with 0.3.0 but is only for PAID users.
It'll be released wednesday.

Find all my myplaza/Mybb - free/paid ( i have a lot of free ones ) on Wink.

thanks for the info shadows.. i wish i could be a subscriber on your forum Big Grin
me too
sadly i am short of money for the following 2 months
so bye mylife
Am sure you can get some money if you do your best Wink.
do you accept banner exchange? i have no budget at the moment, need to pay host Sad
interesting with MyLife..

btw, my daily visit are 300 to 500 members.
daily post around 400 per day
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