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Full Version: [Release] MyLife 1.10!
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Thanks Gordie!
I will have to make a FAST-FIX release.
The install of this one MAY mess up your member_profile templates.
So just take a backup before installing like told in the readme Smile.

I'll fix it soon.
Don't have access to my PC today though, way too busy.

Thank you,
- Shadows.
Link not valid....
It is but I'm having hosting problems at the momeny Sad.
- Shadows.
Updated first post with 1.10.
- Shadows.
The first post still says 1.00, what's new in 1.1.0?
Congrats Shadows ^^
Can I have the member profile template????? Please!!

I have lost it!!!! Thanks
didn't you backup >.<.
>_> with 1.10 it can't get lost.
Well revert your template and check your standard mybb templates and search for "plaza" anything like that should be added.
- Shadows.
must download module.. Smile
Sorry for the downtime.
Seems our hoster has suspended us for no reason >_>.
- Shadows.
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