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Full Version: Sell your companies please
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If you are not planning on adding more items, sell your company please. I sold mine already.

I will then be able to hide the category and free up some space in the plaza
Sold mine Smile.
Long gone. I split the money between me & flyboy Big Grin
I divided the money with alensis Tongue
Perhaps this isn't the best place to ask, but along the same lines, would it be possible to actually sell a company? Right now, "sell" completely closes it, deletes the inventory and returns any money to the owner. Would it be possible to have an option of actually closing the company (the current "sell" option) or choosing to place the company for sale (set an asking price and another member can take over operations), or would that be too complicated?
Can be done but would make the code more complicated. It doesn't remove anything from the inventory tho
I divided the money between me, and me. Big Grin