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Full Version: Contest Creator 1.2
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It seems as though Im having a similar issue with the date format with the contest.
The creator seems to be using the current date and time, instead of the value from the input field.

I took a closer look at the code. I completely removed the "$offset" variable from line 233 in contest creator.php and the additional text: "hours GMT".

The fix works, but you have to compensate for DST. I'll try and see if I can figure out the source of the problem asap but for now, it is working for me so I can display my contests now.

Hope this helps anyone whom might have the same issue.

It's not up to me, it's up to the function I use. It auto adds +1 according to the DST.
However I may just close this thread and remove the attachment or just use the server time
i havent tried this yet.. but i'll report soon if i manage to see any bug errors.. thanks
I will test it Smile
¿Is possible to add a Box to put the answer?
(05-03-2010, 02:32 AM)alvarorojas4 Wrote: [ -> ]I will test it Smile
¿Is possible to add a Box to put the answer?

No, this is not a "Questions & Answers" plugin. This is a contest plugin, it suits any kind of contests not just contests where you have to guess an answer
This looks very interesting, but what kind of contests would you suggest this for? I'm interested but a link to a forum where it is in use would be nice.
I do not recommend using this anymore, specially because of the date format I tried to use it. It would be useful for contests like Signatures of the Week for example there any demos of this plugin in action? I'm not sure if it would suit my needs. I want to create a trivia forum...Admin/Mod posts a question and members reply with guesses.
No, there is no demo right now.
Will this work on MyBB 1.6?Big Grin
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