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Full Version: Contest Creator 1.2
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1. Hmm are it re-creates the thread after you edit a contest? Because I have tested it already and it doesn't plus, I've check the code and it shouldn't be doing that either.
2. No it doesn't insert anything automatically, the only thing it does is a template which can be used for every contest so you don't have to type everything again.
3. In my opinion it's a tool :p
1. Your right. I don't know why it did recreate before, but now It didn't. IS there a way (or will there be a way) to delete the contest from the AdminCP?
2. How about adding this option to the template as this is something I think users should see: "Start date" and "End date".
3. OK... each with his/hers opinion...
4. Is there a way to create the post with a diferent user then the one loged into the AdminCP. I use a super admin to work on the AdminCP and this user is hidden from the forum (UID = 1). I have my own user a the admin of the forums and I use it as a forum's admin (UID = 2).
1. No, there is no way to delete a contest. Might be something I'll add in v1.3
2. What do you mean? :/
4. No, not at the moment. Might also be something I'll add in v1.3

2. Like I wrote before: add a {startdate} and a {enddate} so that the contest template will show more information to the viewer/contester (I know its not a proper English word, but what can I call someone how want to be in the contest).
* Love to see an update when you'll have the time.
Probably lol
i need to earn mo to pay this Big Grin
i hope there is a free version of that plugs Sad
No, there won't be
Looks like you won't be here long.
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