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Full Version: Contest Creator 1.2
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That's really weird, it's working here on the forum and on my test forum too.
Can you change the date by editing the contest please?
Still the same.
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
I'm gonna re-upload and reinstall. Maybe something went wrong in the upload
I don't think so :/ Can you create a temporary admin account for me please?
Updated first post with a new .rar which may fix a problem reported by Gordie
Uploaded with no problems to report.
Ok, Can you PLEASE make a test contest on your forum? I'm wondering it it fixed the problem Tongue
I added a contest. The problem seems to be fixed.
Thanks Smile
I downloaded it. Looks good. Good work!
Hi Pirata,
First - as promised before, you got paid.
Second - Sorry for the long time. I've been to the hospital most of the time between the last time we talked and now.
Third - I have a partial translation. As I have my AdminCP in English, I don't really need the admin lang file translated, but its in work and probably won't take more then a few days. I attached the forum lang file translated into Hebrew (has to be in UTF-8 without BOM).
Fourth - I have a few problem with this plugin:
1. How do I delete a contest? If I delete the created post the plugin recreates it as soon as I try to edit the contest in the AdminCP.
2. In the text template (in plugin's settings in the AdminCP) - how can I get it to insert the start date and end date automatically? Please remember that I write the text itself in Hebrew, but if you add (for example) '{enddate}' this would be written in English as its a replaced string and not something the user actually sees.
3. Why did you decide to put it on the "Tools & Maintenance" menu in the AdminCP and not in either the "Configuration" menu or "Forums & Posts" menu. In my opinion, this plugin is not either a tool nor a maintenance action and as such should (again, this is my own opinion) be placed in either of the menus I mentioned.
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