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Full Version: Contest Creator 1.2
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(04-12-2009, 05:15 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Nope, I just know that I before I release MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.6 I must finish the update to MyCompany which allows admins to sell companies owned by other users.

* Fixed a small issue in passive hooks (just to make it easier for me to make upgrade files for modules)
* Added a new column in plaza_cat which name is 'hidden', if a category has this field set to 1 and HIDE_DELETED_CATEGORIES (at the the top of admin/myplaza.php code) is defined as 1, the category will not show up in Admin CP categories list. This is useful if you have the inventory/mycompany module installed and you have plenty of items and categories already filling up the categories & items list. Just edit the category and set the hidden setting to yes. There's also a new filter which you can use to view the hidden categories only. You can unhide a category by editing it and setting the hidden setting to no.
* Fixed a few "typo's"
* Improved function myplaza_send_pm() to allow a custom from uid
* Fixed a bug that when deleting a log entry, a success message would not show up. This was due to the fact that $lang->log_entry_deleted did not exist

This is what I've done so far Tongue just small things as I don't think it needs new features

Alright, I will think of some ideas which you can put in 0.2.6. Smile
Seems that no matter what end date I set for a contest, it is inserting the current date/time.
For example, I created a contest with an end date of 2009-04-30012:00:00 (midnight Apr 30) but when I go to my forum, the "Contest Has Ended" pm is waiting for me, telling me that the contest is already ended.
What am I doing wrong?
did you insert it like:
2009-04-30 12:00:00
Note that an hour will be added automatically because DST is enabled
Yes, only I included the seconds as well 12:00:00
for some reason, I see a symbol in:
What is the symbol supposed to be?
Not sure where that came is happening when I use the colon sign. maybe my keyboard layout???
Colon = ":"
Oh that lmao. I am not English Tongue
Hmmm, copy paste:
2009-04-30 12:00:00
into the text box and see if it works
Tried that also...not working. No matter what i place for the end date, the contest is already expired.
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