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Full Version: MyRPG problem. a detail
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Hello. Now, myrpg is well in postbit.


[Image: screen12x.png]

i want I want to [Attack this user] appear below the warning level.


[Image: screen13.png]

What should I do?
Can't you ask everything in one thread? Tongue
You will need to edit postbit and postbit_classic for every theme and move {$myrpg_postbit} (I think this is the name) to below the warning level variable
if I do that, all myrpg was placed under the warning level, but I only want it to appear below the warning level the text: [attack this user]

What should I do?
Copy the part of the HTML <a href..[[$lang->attack_this_user]</a> (this is not the correct HTML code in the template but it's similar Tongue) from postbit_myrpg
to postbit and postbit_classic