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Full Version: Problem with MyPlaza Stats
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When i enter to the myplaza stats, this message appears in the screen.

[Image: screen10u.png]

what should i do???
First you dont need to use the bolds tags, we can still read the text if you don't use them Tongue
Which version of MyPlaza do you have? And which version of the Bank module? Did you edit any file?
ii have myplaza turbo 0.2.5
with Bank 1.0.2

i discover that the error appears when i actived this option in the bank options:

Include Bank Money in Richest Users
If yes, the plaza's Richest Users list will also consider money in bank for each user. Note that this may be a fairly slow process, especially for larger boards.
Hmm re-download the bank please. I have that option set to yes here on the forum and works
where i download the bank module only???

you can pass me your module file?
You can't download it only. Get it from the MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.5 rar
i redownload the bank and the problem continues.
Do you have MySQL?
yes, i do
Which version?
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