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Full Version: [Release] MyShoutbox 1.0 [UPDATED]
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Screenshots of the admin panel:

I might release MyShoutbox 1.1 tomorrow or even today!
Can't wait Tongue.
- Shadows.
I might add a function for admins to edit reported posts or delete them. The current delete button is to delete the report
The screenshot looks good! I'll try that out. I always wanted an own chatroom for me alone Smile
Try it then Tongue
its not working in internet explorer, but working fine in firefox what causing this trouble?
That's a known problem. IE 7 supports it but IE6 and IE8 don't
seems to work in IE 8.0 but not any other IE's for me..... Sad
Works in IE7 here
oh, maybe I'm talking about a older one or something, when is 1.2 coming out? (as seen in other thread.)
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