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Full Version: [Release] MyShoutbox 1.0 [UPDATED]
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I'm sorry but at the moment I can't upload a .zip of it. Can't you use to unzip it?
How can I make the shoutbox appear with the board closed?
I don't know if you can
You can with SpiceFuse's. I know many boards who make use of it.
What happens when you have the board closed then?
I have tried it already and it works fine
The shoutbox appears but the View Full Shoutbox thingy and other links and buttons don't appear I think. But you can still shout, etc.
Hold on, are you talking about admins or regular users?
Regular users of course. Since admins can see the board closed.
Oh you will need to move the shoutbox to a different page
Different page? I don't get it :/
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