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Full Version: [Release] MyShoutbox 1.0 [UPDATED]
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Could you change the following lines in the language file:
$l['mysb_shoutbox'] = 'Shoutbox';
$l['mysb_fullsbox'] = 'View Full Shoutbox';
Lmao I don't wanna edit it for the next release.
Otherwise, it's fantastic. Big Grin
EDIT: Also noticed you referenced the "boobie box" twice in the lang. Might wanna edit that. xD
It's fixed already in the files I have here Tongue
Cool I might use this
on full shoutbox page the "REMOVED >> - Message" isn't shown for hidden messages lol.
Only in shoutbox =(.
- Shadows.
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
I mean here
- Shadows
Thank you for the bug report, I'll take a look at it later
Hey, my shoutbox is stuck on Loading. I had this problem before, and I managed to solve it with this fix:
But that doesn't work now. Any solution?


EDIT: solver. A pluginn was interfering with this, along with other stuff.
Why don't u try this idea?

An user write a message, he write it wrong or he want to delete that.!
So an user could delete his own message
I'll probably add an edit feature instead.
Is there a way to download as .zip?
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