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Full Version: [Release] MyShoutbox 1.0 [UPDATED]
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Oh yeah I almost forgot, I am busy at the moment, once I finish what I'm doing I will add one. I have the first post already opened in the edit page
No problem, make it when you are done. Wink
Sorry but I'll leave it for tomorrow, I must install Mac OS X now and will probably not be able to create the tutorial. If I go to bed the same time as I went last days(1~2 am), I will have time to create it tho.
No problem! As said make it when you have time! ;D
can u help me? how to insert shoutbox on page? i installed but it is not showed...
add <mysb_shoutbox> under {$forums} in the index template. If it says Loading... report back, that means you need to edit headerinclude too
i found tutorial at so who else needs know how to insert shoutbox, there is tut Wink
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
yes it gets stucked at loading... - down Wink
Correct link:

Your shoutbox works fine for me
for me no :'( i using lastest firefox and when i click somethink in user panel, nothink happen...
Works perfectly for me. I am logged out (so using the default theme) and all buttons work
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