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Full Version: [Release] MyShoutbox 1.0 [UPDATED]
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New .rar uploaded. Fixed a bot bug (there were 2 instances of "You are stupid" in user_words.php) as well as other things. There were some bits of code that used MyPlaza's macros (I was really used to it so when coding somethings were from MyPlaza Tongue)
Make sure you deactivate and activate.
haha, this bot rules so much =)

» (hide) Shoutbox Bot - 06-04-16:10 -- I am sorry Tenhai but I do not understand.
» (hide) Tenhai - 06-04-16:10 -- @mysb_bot What can you understand?
Lol you can edit the words it understands.

Did you received my PM the other day?
(04-07-2009, 02:21 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Lol you can edit the words it understands.

Could you make a tut? lol Tongue
I will make one tomorrow for sure, I'm finishing my plugin.
Okey, thanks. Big Grin
But make sure you remind please :lookatmeimdancing:
I will! lmao
Yay! The tutorial is coming out.
Yo Nervo!! Tutorial! Big Grin
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