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Full Version: [Release] MyPlaza Turbo CP 1.2.0 - Gold
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MyPlaza Turbo CP 1.1.0 Gold

What's MyPlaza Turbo CP
MyPlaza Turbo CP is a module which integrates a control panel with the Plaza.

MyPlaza Turbo CP allows you to edit:
  • Users - Money on hand and money in bank.
  • Usergroups - MyPlaza Premium Rate and Income Rate.
  • Forums - Income rate
  • Plaza settings ('Plaza Enabled', 'Allow viewing Plaza Statistics', 'Allow viewing of a user's purchase history', 'Global item cost rate', 'Number of items to display on stats page', 'Log entries per page')
  • General settings ('Currency name', 'Money Prefix', 'Money Suffix', 'Number of Decimals in Money', 'Default Money', 'Enable Advanced Modules')

It is compatible with the Bank and Income modules. If they are not activated, you will be told to leave the settings (income rate, money in bank) blank.

  • It offers a password protection setting. If a password is set in the options of the module, every action(edit user/usergroup/forum) requires password.
  • Only the usergroups set in the options of this module, can use and view MyPlaza Turbo CP.
  • ALL actions (Edit user, Edit usergroup, Edit forum, failed confirmation attemps (wrong password) and invalid method(in case the user tries to send the password via GET instead of POST) or wrong post code) are logged and you can access this log from Admin CP -> MyPlaza Turbo -> Maintenance -> MyPlaza Turbo CP.
  • It also displays the 5 (by default is 5, you can change it in the options. Set to 0 if you don't want it to display the latest actions) latest actions in MyPlaza Turbo CP Home.

Note: the control panel is VERY similar to MyBB's User CP. I took the idea from there.

MyPlaza Turbo CP Home (from v1.0.0)

Edit user (from v1.0.0)

Edit usergroup (from v1.0.0)

Edit forum (from v1.0.0)

Browse users (from v1.0.0)

Browse usergroups (from v1.0.0)

Browse forums (from v1.0.0)

General settings

Plaza settings

  • Upload the contents of Upload to your forums's root.
  • Go to your Admin CP, go to MyPlaza Turbo page and choose the Modules tab. Activate "MyPlaza Turbo CP - Gold".
  • Click the Options button of "MyPlaza Turbo CP - Gold" to edit the usergroups allowed to use the module (By the default, only administrators can use the module) as well as the rest of the options.

Note: additional usergroups are not checked, ONLY primary usergroups. (so if a user belongs to "Registered" (primary group) and he is also a member of the group Administrators (additional group), that user won't be able to use this module unless you set in the options of the module that usergroup "registered" can also use the module)

Me as I created it Tongue

* Users icon by Asher -
* Usergroups icon - Merged Asher's male icon with Asher's female icon. According to the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license, modified (redistributed) work is also distributed under this license.
* Forums icon by Dapino -
* Screw driver icon by Babasse -

Note that the following icons have been modified to have different colors and lightning:
* User male
* User female
* Home

Report any bugs please Smile

Change log:
  • Fixed a bug that if 'Latest Actions' option is set to a different number than 0, it wouldn't show any options. Exactly the opposite of what it should do.
  • Added a new feature which allows users to edit Plaza settings and General MyPlaza Turbo settings.
  • Improved password requirement feature.
Thanks Smile I will wait until you fully update the version.
I will update probably next week only tho, will depend on my free time.
The new version will be "upgradable", you will just need to re-construct the templates and re-upload the new files
I knew I couldn't resist..
I've just finished adding settings to the control panel so you can edit them from there directly.
I've also increased security in the password requirement thing

fixed a small bug

Edit 2:
Everything's finished as well as the readme. I will release it tomorrow, I am too tired. It's 1 am here
Updated first post with 1.1.0
I will download soon.
Fixed a very small bug which wasn't doing anything to the system but I felt like I should replace word with another tho it was working correctly but the way it is now is the correct one. Download and reupload if you want
Ok just to let you know that I've just uploaded a new .rar which fixes a small problem, when editing a user by username and not by uid, the changes would not take effect. Just re-upload the files.
Nice panel Nervo, I'd love to have it haha xP.
Really neat work. I do think it must have taken you time to make this, and making a control panel is far away from coding something fun IMO lol. ( remembers pages to edit things in ADMP ) -- ( my project I've been working on a lot haha )
Anyway really nice Smile.

- Shadows.
Yeh it's not something fun lol. I hate to code things to edit things like admin cp pages but unfortunately they must be done..
Thanks Smile
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