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Full Version: [Release] MyPlaza Turbo CP 1.2.0 - Gold
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i will download this !
thanks. i have a little problem with the language, but i fix it Smile
Wow, you make huge plugins, MyPlaza Turbo CP looks very useful. Smile
Look's good gonna try intergrate this into my site, but does Myplaza support SQLite?
There are some MP database functions run SQLite functions but I'm afraid some of them don't. I did not code MyPlaza, ZiNgA BuRgA did. I have ported it and updated it to work with MyBB 1.4.x.
After taking a look at myplaza_install.php and myplaza_general.php looks like most of the functions should support SQLite because they use MyBB's $db->write_query.
I'm not sure if the queries run through that function work with SQLite but you can try it and report back
Ok i uploaded MyPlaza Turbo CP Gold 1.1.0 and MyDownloads 1.0.0 correctly but it tell's me they don't work for 1.4.8 when i activate them.
You must install MyPlaza Turbo first (MyPlaza Turbo CP is a module). Regarding MyDownloads, this is the mydownloads you want:
Ok then thank's will do in abit I'll get back to you if i run into any problem's.
Did you upgrade it for MyPlaza 0.3.0?
No, it's not compatible with 0.3.0. I am updating it atm
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