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Full Version: Bank glitch
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Does anyone remember how it worked? I have been trying (on my test forum) to find it. I remember fixing it and I have removed the fix to test it again. But now seems it's gone Tongue I have changed the decimal and thousands seperator already to test it but nothing. I remember it was not that easy and not all numbers worked.

Does anyone of you remember?
just add boobies to the bank and watch it instantly multiply the amount in the bank
That's not a glitch, that's the bank interest rate >.>
xD haha that's why the bank is for xD else it'd be useless -.-'...
Would be interesting to know the glitch Tongue Tongue hehehehe.
Thank you,
- Shadows.
The glitch will not work because it has been fixed by me, but I don't remember how I used to get loads of money before lol.
I remember entering something like 606,777.44

the problem was the way round() works and the dec point and thousand seperator of the board. I must now try to find out how to cheat the bank again
Lmao, once found please tell me how Big Grin XDDD.
- Shadows.
It's patched, why would you want to know? It wouldn't work lol
oh ok den.... xP
anyways, why would you want to know ( just curious xP )

- Shadows.
To re-code a better patch Tongue