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Full Version: [Preview] MyPlaza Turbo CP module
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MyPlaza Turbo Control Panel is a module for Gold users only which allows certain user groups to have access to the MyPlaza Turbo CP page(by default only admins can use it). There is also a password restriction feature which requires the user to enter a password everytime an action is taken.

A few screenshots below

Browsing users
[Image: 853_Untitled_tn.jpg]

Editing a user group (as you can see it has support for the income module but it's not required to have it installed on your system)
[Image: 976_Untitled_tn.jpg]

Browsing forums
[Image: 872_Untitled_tn.jpg]

Password protection (look at the bottom)
[Image: 257_Untitled_tn.jpg]

Log page
[Image: 440_Untitled_tn.jpg]

Currently done:
Browse users (pagination is included)
Edit user's money
Browse user groups (pagination is included)
Edit usergroup's plaza rate and income rate (if income module installed)
Browse forums (pagination is included)
Edit forum's income rate (if income module is installed)
Password protection as well as usergroup restriction
Updated first post with more info. Income module is supported by this module now. I am testing the current features. Once everything's tested I'll finish the password protection feature

finished password protection.
Module is finished, tomorrow I'll do my final tests and release it
Nice! Do you have a log feature that logs every move?
No but that can be done Smile
doing that at the moment plus adding compatibility between bank and this module so you can edit user's bank money
but.. our myplaza turbo still error Sad
Ok, finished bank support as well as log.

Actions that are logged:
* Edit user (once the save button is pressed)
* Edit usergroup (once the save button is pressed)
* Edit forum (once the save button is pressed)
* Wrong password (logs the user who entered a wrong password)
* Invalid Method/Post Code (user did not send the password via POST or post code is invalid)

For each log entry, it also logs the time the action was taken.

[Image: 440_Untitled_tn.jpg]