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Full Version: [Release] Pay to Subscribe (primary and secondary groups) 1.1.0 - Gold
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Pay to Subscribe (primary and secondary groups) 1.1.0

Both versions, Primary usergroup and Secondary usergroup come with this package.
The new version (for secondary groups) may have bugs although I have tested all features and all seem to work properly.

What's NEW?
  • Fixed a bug: when logging expirations, the user id and group id inserted into the log table were the incorrect ones.
  • Version for secondary usergroups is now available.
  • Added description under tabs (Activate subscribers, Logged subscriptions, Logged expirations).

  • Changed the name Tongue
  • User receives a private message when he subscribes informing him when the subscription will expire
  • Ability to set the uid of the user, (usually 1 (super admin)) in module options, who receives the private messages. (read features below to understand this one)
  • User ID set in module options receives a private message from himself (to avoid scamming) when someone subscribes
  • User ID set in module options receives a private message from himself (to avoid scamming) when someone's subscription expires
  • Changed a few other small things
  • Added a page to Maintenance which allows you see who subscribed, to which group, the old group and the expiration date. Even if you change the group of a subscriber, group id in 'plaza_pay_subscribe_timeouts will stay intact so you will see the group the user subscribed to, not the current group of that user.

  1. Upload the contents of Upload to your forums's root.
  2. Go to your Admin CP, go to MyPlaza Turbo page and choose the Modules tab. Activate "Pay to Subscribe - Gold" and "Pay to Subscribe(secondary usergroups) - Gold"
  3. Unhide the items you want to be available for users.
  4. Edit the usergroups and change the timeout time immediatly!

You can only upgrade the primary groups version as the other version has no previous public releases. To upgrade just upload the new files.

This is a modification to ZiNgA BuRgA's Buy Into Usergroup module so he deserves being credited.
ZiNgA BuRgA has coded the main part:
  • Join group by buying a 'Subcribe for "usergroup name"' item
  • Leave the group after the expiration date has passed
  • When editing a usergroup the item name is auto edited (e.g. the group is called 'moderators' and the item is 'Subscribe for "moderators"', if you change the group name to 'administrators' the item name will also change)
  • Timeout input fields when editing or adding usergroups (I've updated to MyBB 1.4.x and to MyPlaza Turbo)
As you can see ZiNgA BuRgA coded the most important part.
Thanks Pirata!
No problem Smile Report any bugs you may find please.

I've checked everything and no bugs were found but I might have missed something
Thanks. So since I have it, I such reupload the files? Do I have to recontruct the templates?
No, just 3 lines of PHP changed, no templates changed. Reupload the files only
Thank You Big Grin
Thanks a lot Wink
Thank You ^^
Wow !!! this makes mybb better than any other Smile
(04-01-2009, 10:38 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ][*]Leave the group after the expiration date has passed

The Pay to Subscribe plugin is a great idea to make MyPlaza Turbo even better. Smile
Is it possible to make on-going subscriptions, where the points are deducted unless the user cancels?

They have it for MYPS:
Quote:Allows you to buy into a group and pay a monthly fee...

MyPlaza Turbo is already so great, if you get time, this would be a huge plus.


Do we have on-going subscriptions already?
1) First, buy into a premium Usergroup, or Secondary Usergroup.
2) Use Periodic Pay/Charge for regular deductions from the same group.

Seems like an on-going subscription, or am I missing something since I didn't test it, yet?
  • Is a user currently able to leave (cancel) a Usergroup which they bought into?

Does anyone know (?), or else I'll eventually test it.
((Adding the feature to this module might be the most user-friendly way))

Thanks again.
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