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Full Version: [Release] Lottery 1.0.2
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I didn't create a thread for this module, it was in an old stuck "modules list" thread.

This module was created by Keyvan and was ported by me to work with MyPlaza Turbo.

I have also fixed the following bug:
Money was being given to the first user who ran the plaza.

[Download: Lottery 1.0.2]

Does not work with MyPlaza Turbo 0.3.0 - I have to update this module
If I downloaded the module from that thread link like a few weeks ago, do I have to update to this one?
No Tongue
wow i need this
Excellent Work!

broken link
works perfectly here so it's not broken
Works here too... :S
I opened the files but how do I download and install them to my MyBB Forums?
go to ACP ==> MyPlaza Turbo ==> Modules ==> >Search for lottery ==> Activate ==> Options
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