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Full Version: List of MyPlaza Turbo modules
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@Trinit, I haven't added it to the list yet Tongue
you can find it in the modules section
@1o2yellow1o2 yes, the inventory module allows you to do it
im sorry to ask this but, how do i make it actaly send me a pm. im sorry , i dont realy know mutch about mybb
Hmm that has nothing to do with the modules :/
To send a pm just click the username of someoneto view the profile of that user and then click Send Private Message or click the PM User button in the user's posts
yea but i mean like when i add a item can i make it when another user buys it, can i make it email or pm me saying that that user has bought it??
No, but the inventory module can send a private message to someone that buys an item
does it send it to the person who bought it???
ok, Thanks sorry if im anoying
You're not annoying but next time create a thread pleasae Smile
ok i wil next time Smile
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