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Full Version: [Release] Gift Cards 1.0.0
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This module was requested by Seeker a few months ago Tongue
I decided to make it so here it is.
It's based off the donate module so the way it works is similar.
There are 3 gift cards (images/gift cards/1.png, 2.png, 3.png)

Upload the contents of the Upload folder to MyBB root.
Activate the module from the Modules page and then edit the Module options to change the price of the 3 available gift cards.
Then you may want to unhide the Gift Cards item and assign it to a category.

The item doesn't cost anything by default so the user only pays the gift card.
the module will check (if PM is enabled in module options) if HTML is allowed in PM's, in case it is, <img> tag will be used to show the gift card, otherwise it will check if [img] tag is allowed, in case it is, [img] tag will be used to show the gift card, otherwise if neither HTML and [IMG] are allowed, it will just show the url of the image.

License is the one shown in this forum. (above the threads list)
wow, very good!
Took a while to do, as the file went to the MyBB Plugins List and not The MyPlaza Modules Smile

But i like it ;D
Oops I forgot to move it Tongue re-uploading package. thank you

- When i go to profile i See two Send Gift Card
- If i deactive it in the users profile i see [][]
-If i active it again i see [Send Gift Card][Send Gift Card][Send Gift Card]
-If i deactiveagain i see [][][]

I fixed it in member/member_profile templates
It's not removing from the templates probably.
By the way, if you see two, it's probably because deactivated and then activated it back.
it was a typo, reuploaded zip
Will install it Smile.
Thank you, great work!!
- Shadows.
edit: @CW history says:
Sent gift card with {1} to {3}, comment: {4}
Thanks, the donate module doesn't use $lang->sprintf but sprintf and I forgot to replace two of them Tongue
Re-uploaded file
Fixed it seems Big Grin
Quote:(me)Sent gift card with 10.00(.)(.) to Pirata Nervo, comment: 10 boobies.. That's a lot.. When I speak to 1 girl I only see 2 Big Grin ( xD )

- Shadows.
Yeah I lol'd Tongue
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