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Full Version: [Release] SPMU - Send PM to specific user - for e.g.: Staff applications, ....
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What is SPMU?
It's a MyPlaza module that adds an item.
The item contains 2 text boxes, a subject & a message text box.
It will be sent to a user chosen in the settings of this module.

[ This can be useful for E.G.: "Staff applications, ..." ]

This module was made on basis of a request of a user
Though the credits for coding it go to me, as I made it...

Have fun with it!

Thanks Smile
Thanks Big Grin
Thanks, this kind of contact form is usefull Smile but the Application module was already done.. isn't it? Tongue
It's an example for what you could use it Wink.
- Shadows.
Thanks! Smile
Installed and thanks
Nice, Great Work There Shadows Big Grin Thankyou very much!
thanks! does this let you add a form to an item?
that's it basically, sends the user your specify a PM with that form filled in by the user.
Through the admin CP you can edit the HTML entries to add what it should show in the <textarea> ( it's easy, trust me )
That textarea will then be sent to the user you specify.
If you need more than 1 thing that sends PM, i'll tell you how to do it.
I will be developping SPMU 2.00 soon, when I will have bought a laptop.
That version will have the possibility to add more items ( though any item can have as much questions to fill in as you want )

Thank you,
- Shadows.
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