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Full Version: RPG Things
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Hi again Big Grin RPG its nice Wink

But.. i see some swords.. poisons.. axe.. etc..

I can buy that things?
Coz i didn't see where i can buy..

Help me pls Wink Cya,.. Big Gring1:Big Gring2:Big Gring8:

P.D.: I had a Bad English XDD
You can buy them in the plaza
Just click on the buy item when u get enough money lol.
You can bye it but you don't see them in the inventory
Because they're not inventory items.

Imagine that I would have made it to work with the inventory module.
If the board doesn't have the inventory module installed, how would you expect MyRPG to work if it needs the inventory?

MyCompany works with it because I created a bridge between them and it was necessary. But in case of MyRPG it isn't
(03-23-2009, 10:41 PM)Trinit Wrote: [ -> ]You can bye it but you don't see them in the inventory

Its true.. then how i can buy it?? I dont understand Sad Confusedhinchan:

I dont see nothing in "plaza"..
Move the items to the category you want
ahhh then i must add 1 by 1 xDDD

ok, ty!! :coffee:
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
Ok, i add 1 by 1.. but.. dont does nothing.. supostly have got more HP, ATK, Defense.. etc..

But nothing.. :S What i do wrong?:monkey:
No, you don't need to add one by one.
Go to admin cp, my plaza turbo, then categories.
Create a category called myrpg or whatever you want.
Then check all MyRPG items which are not assigned to any category and click the move to this category button

I did it!! I enter to Modules.. then MyRPG 7 items.. Big Grin there was.. wasit hidden.. Tongue

Ty friends!! Nice mod again Wink

P.D.: English sax Tongue :koki:
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