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Full Version: Simplify this part if possible.
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Once you have been killed too many members are complaining about how to get rid of this message. "You were attacked by DAMINKâ„¢ and you lost the battle." etc etc. Now one member even states she cant get rid of it.
Could this be turned off anyhow and just a pm sent as normal?
Hmm no can't be turned off. but there's a link on the right ( " (Click here to delete this message) " ), why don't they click it?
They have to click both. the first just offers the second button.
I feel it should just be an email offering them a link to pay donation or to get revival. (gold).
Think it would be a great addition for the gold members perhaps. More simple way of things.
And normally you have to scroll down to see button which confuses most.

Same thing happens here. You click the link then is asks are you sure. I did that and the screen is still there.
Is this a bug?
I don't understand what you mean :/
Why do you have to scroll down to see the button? and which button are you talking about?

Once you click the click here to delete this message link, it will redirect you to a page where you must confirm if you want to delete it or not. This is made to avoid Cross-Site Request Forgery where other members give you a link like:
Then they tell you to click it to view an image of something. But actually the link above would delete the message #1 in the database. (if the message belongs to you, then it would really delete the message, otherwise you would just get an error telling you the message you're trying to delete was not sent to you). But as I made a "Confirm" page, it doesn't delete automatically and asks you to confirm before deleting.
Do you get it?
Yea i understand totally mate.
Its an issue on my forum. Because of layout and structure of forum and shoutbox i guess. Just something members have asked to change. They know when they have been killed and a dontion to the one who killed them is not needed as they can get revival so they wanted it to be a pm only thing.
Thats cool but i understand.

Side note i did have to do it twice here to get rid of the message. (just a heads up)
What do you mean twice?
If someone attacks you 3 times, 3 messages appear so you need to delete the 3 messages Wink
I made this to avoid scamming (so people do not send private messages to others with the same contents as a pm sent by MyRPG (to get money of course)) and to not waste pm space
Yep understand. I did not think you could attack someone once they were dead though?
Never mind mate. Dont want to make an issue of it. Just thought it would be a good idea. I understand now its security based.
Sorry mate.
But what if you don't die? You can still be attacked Wink
The user you're trying to attack is dead.

Thats what i see mate? when i attack a dead member.
Ok you're not understanding. Of course you can't attack someone that's dead. But if that user is not dead, you can..
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